In Conversation with Nina Lilli Holden


Nina Lilli Holden

What do you do? 

I am a Still life Stylist and Set Designer. 

Where are you based?

South East London.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

I would describe my aesthetic as minimal, I enjoy working with soft colours and graphic forms. I am strongly influenced by raw materials, and utilising their natural properties. My style is sculptural and simplistic but has an element of youth and liveliness. 

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How did you get into styling?

I grew up in a very creative environment, my dad is a set designer and I often went along on his installs as child. I fell into working in Interior design when living in New York in my early twenties and discovered I had a real passion for beautiful spaces. I began assisting Interior Stylists two years ago in London, and have been working at design consultancy House of Grey for a year and half. 

I have learnt a lot from the Stylist I have assisted and this has allowed me to develop my own direction and style. 

What is inspiring you at the moment?

I feel very inspired by my peers at the moment; I feel there is a new generation of creatives emerging that are doing some really exciting projects. I am a huge fan of Dello Studio and Garrance Vallée who are both creating some really beautiful spacial compositions.

I find discovering new designers really inspiring, from ceramicists to Jewellers, I see their work and can visualise a landscape to compliment their creations.   

How did you come up with the creative concept for the shoot?

I had been a follower of Phoebe’s Jewellery for a while ahead of our collaboration, and already had a million ideas in my head. I love the textures and forms Phoebe has developed and wanted to draw upon these in my creative direction. With the jewellery being so sculptural, I wanted to use this to play with scale, I liked the idea of loosing a sense of dimension. 

Texture and material were the most important elements for me, I started collecting and sourcing to create a base for my ideas and developed the set and composition from there. 

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What do you have lined up for 2019?

I want to continue to collaborate with lots of lovely creatives and in doing so develop my own work. I have lots of ideas and am so looking forward to putting them into fruition. 

Podcast/book recommendations?

I am all about a thriller and have recently finished Too Close by Natalie Daniels, which was very cleverly written and a real page turner!

My all time favourite book is The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides, I could not tell you how many times I have a read it. 

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