Jewellery Care

Gold plated

To get the best wear out of your piece it is important to avoid contact with abrasives and solvents such as perfumes. To clean, you should wash the item in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. 


Silver will tarnish naturally over time.  To clean your piece you should use a silver dip, rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.

Ring Sizing

The following guidelines should help you determine your ring size:

Please note that your finger size can change throughout the day, depending on how hot or cold you are. 

Select one of your own rings that fits the intended finger. Measure the inside diameter in mm and refer to the diameter column in the chart below.

Alternatively, you can measure your finger using a strip of paper:

  • Wrap a piece of paper around the bottom of your finger (make sure it's not too tight so it can get over your knuckle).

  • With a pen, make a mark at the intersection.

  • Measure the length (in mm) and refer to the circumference column in the chart below.

If the ring size falls between two sizes, we suggest you order the larger one.

International Ring Sizing Chart: