Phoebe Simpson is a London based jewellery designer and maker. Driven by quality and craftsmenship her playful experimentation with traditional techniques produces unique pieces cast in sterling silver and gold. Her practice is a medley of curiosity, exploration of process and an underlying desire to slow down and work out how things are made. Each piece is of limited edition, designed, made and finished by hand in her studio. 


ganic approach to the creative process aligns with her own search for that unique quality in a piece that makes it beautifully rare. With a fondness for experimentation, she is aware that learning-by-doing and making mistakes along the way has been beneficial to her practice — had she been formallytrained, her work wouldlook quite different.


A reaction to working in the fashion industry, At a time of fast fashion and cheap, disposable clothes and jewelry - it’s worth it to invest in something well made and original by someone you know that you’ll wear for years.


My practice is driven by an exploration of process, the curiosity of what can be achieved with materials and an underlying desire to slow down and work out how things are made.